A Bestselling Book with True Stories About Communicating With The Pets We Love

The Journey of an Animal Communicator
Karen A. Anderson


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About Karen

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Since she was a child she could talk to the animals...

Now, an award-winning Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, has been professionally communicating with pets and departed human spirits for over 20 years.

Her amazingly accurate psychic abilities earned the prestigious 1st Place Award for the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards for 'Best Animal Communicator', and the 2nd Place Award the prior year.

Before she became an Animal Communicator, Karen served as a deputy sheriff in Colorado. During this time she realized that animals could provide accurate and detailed information on crime scenes. 

Now Karen combines her law enforcement background with her psychic abilities to help solve cold cases bringing closure to victims and their families.

Karen has appeared on many shows including Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory, Darkness Radio, with host Dave Schrader, and Beyond Reality Radio with host Jason Hawes, Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator of Ghost Hunters.

Karen is a keynote speaker at numerous paranormal and psychic events including The Port Gamble Ghost Conference and The Oregon Ghost Conference.

She offers Animal Communication courses, personal coaching and private consultations. Her books include the newly released, "The Amazing Afterlife of Animals" and the popular, "Hear All Creatures!". Karen has also collaborated with Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. for her book, "The Secret Inner Life of Pets" and is a co-author for "Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Vol. 2".

Karen is also featured in an upcoming documentary, "All Around Us", and is joined by Seth Michael, Sharon Lewis, Teresa Kleve and other psychics for a behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

Karen makes her home in the Inland Pacific Northwest where she lives on her farm with the animals she loves.

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