A Bestselling Book with True Stories About Communicating With The Pets We Love

The Journey of an Animal Communicator Karen A. Anderson

The Journey of an Animal Communicator Karen A. Anderson

The Journey of an Animal Communicator Karen A. Anderson The Journey of an Animal Communicator Karen A. Anderson
pets, animal communication books, dogs, cats, horsees

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About the book

pets, dogs, cats, horses, animal communication

Animals Can't Talk... Or Can They?

Award-winning Afterlife Expert and Animal Communicator, Karen Anderson takes you on an incredible journey from when she first discovered she could understand the animals as a child to an unexpected message from a little white dove that changed her life forever. 

She shares the successes and failures she faced and reveals actual messages from the animals as she learned how to understand their language.

The stories in this book will take you into the hearts and minds of the animals we love and reveal how they communicate their thoughts and feelings. 

If you have ever loved an animal or had to say goodbye to a dear and devoted friend, you will find the messages in this book insightful and healing. 

5 Star Reviews 

"Animals are so much more than instinct and behaviors they have emotions, opinions, wisdom, This book affirms that animal communication is possible and a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. I wish I had this book before my 4 legged family member passed away. I will do better next time thanks to the valuable info in this book."

"After crying through most of this book I realized the tears were from knowing, deep down, that this is all true."

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pets, dogs, cats, animal communication

Anyone can send a message!

  • Imagine the peace of mind knowing if they are happy or free from pain.
  • Do they know how much we love them?
  • Do our pets stay connected to us after they die?

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Level 1

"Animal Communication Made Easy"

  • Everything you need to start talking!  
  • Designed with the beginner in mind
  • Easy to follow steps
  • No classrooms or group settings
  • Self-paced
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Afterlife communication is so easy! 

Messages can easily be sent back and forth!

"The way this course is presented is so easy to follow and understand. Anyone who wants to start learning this incredible experience or someone who knows they can do it and just need a refresher this is it.  ~ Sandra

"I've taken numerous Animal Communication courses in the past but I have found Karen's method to be the easiest and quickest way to learn. Her methods are simple, easy to follow and produce amazing results. Within the first few practice sessions I received a clear messages from the animals. Karen is the expert and will walk you through the process." ~ Lorraine

cats, dogs, horses, pets, animal communication books

You Are The Most Important Person In The World to Your Pets!

They want to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

What Messages Await You?


Karen's #1 Bestseller and winner of 16 National and International Book Awards

"The Amazing Afterlife of Animals;

Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side"

Available on Audible, Amazon & Kindle

"The Secret Inner Life Of Pets; 

A Leading Psychologist and an Animal Communicator bring you the love and wisdom of animals"

~ In collaboration with Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. 

"Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Volume 2; 

A Collection of Real Experiences by Notable Paranormal Personalities"

~ Karen is a contributing author to this collection of ghostly and unexplained stories.